Education is the process of the formation of personality .it is to form a society that is value based restoring good relation; promoting peace and justice. I firmly believe that through education children should learn to distinguish what is good and bad. They have to learn from each events of their daily life and to see positive in everything, every situation, everybody and everywhere.
Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. It helps each one to think him/her clearly and act well for others. Our effort of true education is to unlock the treasure of compassion, kindness, generosity and empathy hidden in the soul of a child. A truly educated person knows how to live, how to love, how to behave, how to accept others.
LFS aims at ensuring character formation, growing up with soft skills, and sharpen life skills to face the hurdles in life with deep trust in God and self confidence. Let’s try together to go ahead to the horizon of success. May the almighty bless you all abundantly through the intercession of our patroness saint little Theresa on the entire LFS family for a transformation to brighten the world through each one of us.
Thank you