To impart knowledge to fertile, young minds, using ancient, traditional methods and blend them with cutting-edge methodology, and thereby help create a promising future.


·         To bring the best of talents to teach, facilitate and guide young minds.

·         To provide all amenities for value-added education.

·         To facilitate all-round development by providing both avenues and infrastructure.

·         To educate and instill in students, values of integrity, loyalty and honesty.

·         To create a home-away-from-home environment.

·         To ensure adequate emotional and social care that is provided to all students.

Core Values

The values which guide us are:

Ø  Honesty in word and deed

Ø  Respect for elders, parents and teachers

Ø  Pursuit of excellence in academia, cleanliness, attitudes of non-violence and patriotism

Ø  Contribution to the growth of fellowmen

Ø  Concern for society