Education  is the only key to a bright and successful future.  It leads a nation and its people to a healthy development. Educating every child in this world still remains a challenge but it is the best shortcut to the brightest future of every citizen and its country. All the countries have found education as the most significant tool in eliminating poverty and unemployment. An educated generation  enhances the socio – political – religious – economic equilibrium of a nation.

Little Flower Hr. Sec. School aims and focuses to provide its children with the opportunity to develop their innate talents so as to be an integral part of their families and communities. We envision to empower our every child  to face challenges of their life efficiently that would lead one to become socially productive citizen of our nation. Let’s not limit ourselves with what we have but our aim shall be beyond all the horizons. May the Almighty God bless all of us abundantly through the intercession of our school’s heavenly patroness Saint Little Flower.

Looking forward to your kind collaboration in all our endeavors.

Thank you
Principal, LFS

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