The Little Flower Higher Secondary School provides a specialist education in many different spheres. The greatest strengths of the school spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship that these engender. The environment encourages a strong sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained – and be sustaining – in life beyond the School.

The school is secular and thus is open to children from all socio-economic backgrounds, castes and religions. The school’s proven track record in producing outstanding leaders in all walks of life has given Little Flower and its alumni a greater reputation.

The school has a beautiful campus; the space and clean Malwa air of Madhya Pradesh provides a healthy and secure environment to grow up in.

Education in the broadest sense is any act or experience that has a formative and summative effect on the character and physical ability of every child. Molding the tender minds into leaders, visionaries and national assets is a passionate art that will be practiced with unwavering and un-sagging dedication and determination at Little Flower. Besides providing scholastic and co-scholastic aspects for the children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development, we also offer guidance in analytical thinking and purposeful research through systemic and systematic approach.

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