Loving Parents and Students,

A retired college teacher and a young bank official were close neighbors. Both of them planted same kind of trees in their yard. The bank officer cared the tree with plenty of manure and water, and the tree extraordinarily flourished. The teacher raised the tree in the usual way.

One night it was heavily raining and the strong wind blew. In the morning as they both looked in to their own yard they saw the tree which was cared by the young bank official was uprooted. But the tree that the teacher grew up with survived the wind and rain.

The bank official asked, “How well I had cared the tree? But …You grew up very normally. Yet, my tree was uprooted and your tree still stands up. How did this happen?”

The teacher replied, “You gave the tree plenty of water and fertilizer, thus the tree which you had grew up never had to look for anything deep in the soil. So the tree did not have deep roots to with stand the strong wind.

 I provided only the essentials for the tree, and other things tree itself sought out through its roots, so that the roots of the tree spread throughout the earth’s depths and spheres, and tree became too strong.  Your tree had extraordinarily flourished, but the roots had not been sufficient or firm. “

This principle is very relevant even when raising our children… We need to essentially educate our children to be stronger to with stand the emerging problems of this world. They must be learner with attitude of self- actualization, fortitude and self discernment. So let us make our children strong and true human thorough our mutual effort and holistic education.  



Fr Joshy Eriattupadayatty

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